Ben Shelor. R.I.P.

Here we remember friends and shooters who have left this earth before us. Friends are the true treasure we find in our journey. Share a good story about them with the rest of us, please - so they might not be forgotten.
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Ben Shelor. R.I.P.

Post by Harry Eales » Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:46 pm

Ben Shelor, aka 'Tar Baby' and 'Phoenix' on some Firearms Forums of Newtown VA., passed away on 23.09.2009, aged 68, after a rapid series of strokes.

I never met Ben in person, (we lived half a world apart) but I PM'd him and Emailed him on many occasions. He had a devilish sense of humour, was a keen single shot rifleman as well as a very knowledgeable firearms enthusiast.

Ben had many strings to his bow and outside shooting was an excellent knife maker, as a tractor driver however he had a little to learn, but even when he rolled one he took the 'micky' out of himself.

I'll miss you Ben, as will very many others.

May the sun be on your back, your hands steady, your targets clear, and your bullets fly true.

Farewell Ben.

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John Boy

Re: Ben Shelor. R.I.P.

Post by John Boy » Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:00 pm

Harry, a very nice eulogy for long distance friend and fellow BPCR shooter.