In memorium.

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In memorium.

Post by Harry Eales » Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:19 am

The guns lay still and silent
Your life has faded away
Your coffin passes before us
On this strange and mournful day

The long cortège passes slowly
The lonely widow cries
Families grieve in sorrow
As another hero dies

The flags are lowered downwards
The veterans stand and stare
Their medals shine and sparkle
Their faces etched with despair

Young children stand there sobbing
Trying to understand
Why their daddy went and left them
To die in a foreign land

And on remembrance Sunday
We all stand and bow our heads
We never will forget you
Our brave and fallen dead

Now a nation stands and wonders
At the last bells tome
Should our troops still stand and fight
Or do we pull our brave lads home

In memory of a very brave soldier, Staff Sergeant Olaf 'Oz' Schmid, and in praise of his equally brave widow.


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