Groucho Marx on gardening

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Groucho Marx on gardening

Post by ricochet » Sun Feb 26, 2006 8:55 am

One thing that Groucho loved about living in Southern California was the great amount of time during the year he could dedicate to gardening, which was a favorite relaxing activity of his. Of course, in fashionable Beverly Hills, no one did their own gardening; they all had gardeners, nearly all of whom were Japanese. During the war years, Japanese were hard to come by, seeing as how they were mostly interred in prison camps.

One day Groucho was out doing his own yard work. A woman of high social status who herself was looking for a gardener pulled up in her car to talk to Groucho. She clearly didn't recognize him, in grubby clothes and without his greasepaint makeup. She asked him, "How much do you get paid to take care of this yard?" To which he replied, "Oh, I don't get any money. I just get to sleep with the lady of the house!"