rebarreled C Sharps

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rebarreled C Sharps

Post by YosemiteSam » Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:03 pm

I adopted a Shiloh/C.Sharps rifle that was made back in the mid 1980s before or near to the split of the two Montana Sharps companies. The barrel on my Sharps has the Wolf stamp and indicates its a C Sharps "Old Reliable" but the action is stamped Shiloh with Montana Address. My rifle was chambered in 45/90. Due to various reasons, I decided I wanted to re-chamber it to 45/70 so I could take advantage of factory lead-free ammo (I live and hunt in CA).

I decided after talking to both Sharps companies, to have C Sharps do the rebarrel. My experience was very positive and they treated me well. The service was top-notch and they communicated quickly and efficiently with me on every step of the process. I am only a novice at Shooting BPC guns, and have never competed in a match. Its just a gun I always want to have and shoot for fun and hunt with. I look forward to shooting it more now that its in 45/70.

Thanks C Sharps!