Looking for my first (BPCR) Rifle, I'm thinking......

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Post by buffshooter » Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:54 pm

Gregg, mate

My take is that this game is ALL about patience. These rifles take time to produce, they ain't no production line (like a bolt action Remmy or whatever) deal and it goes on from there. It takes TIME to work up a good load that suits an individual rifle, time, effort and patience. If you start out with that mindset, ie: waiting for the right rifle to be built for you and then take time over getting it to shoot the end result is all the more satisfying.

You seem all fired up to get shooting and I can understand that, let's leave that to the factory ammo/rifle/ HP guys. This game is not about buy/load n shoot. :wink: I got two Italian copies, a Sharps and a HiWall, wish I had a Shiloh/CSharps and a Ballard/Meacham but the funds don't stretch to that when we have to import to the UK. If I had unlimited funds or could buy American as you guys can, believe me I WOULD!!!!

Having said all that, Pedersoli and Uberti make rifles that can SHOOT! It's just the finish and fit that lets them down a bit. The wood could be a bit more fancy too!!! :shock:

Like our good friend Crossfire says "Buy American" and I'll add, "if ya live in the USA" :wink:
Iffen it ain't broke, don't fix it

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Could you send some photos ?? sb577450@yahoo.com

Post by SJBPEP » Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:31 pm

ND Sharpshooter wroteCOLONBeachcrib,

I have a NIB Sharps in 45-70 for sale. It's imported by Tri-Star of Kansas City MO. It has a 32" octagon barrel and they call it the Old Reliable. It has nice wood, is checkered, has a schnabel type fore end with no metal fore end cap so it looks really nice. Has the factory ladder sight on the barrel and the silvery metal front sight as the original did. I bought the tang and globe sights Tri-Star sells as an after market add-on for my old one. The tang has both medium and long range staffs. They are about $120.00 from Tri-Star. Also have Saeco's 2 Cavity mould 023 v13 which casts a 330 or so grain flat nosed spitzer. Those are the numbers on the mould. The number on the box it came in are #62301. It worked well in my old Tri-star which ended up having a "bad barrel" as Tri-Star put it and they sent me this new rifle. I also have a 40-65 that I've shot a lot in the absence of the 45-70 and decided that I'm going to sell this new one instead of shooting it since I can size down the brass to use in my 40-65. Sell the whole works for $1000.00 plus shipping from my FFL holder to yours. Deal also includes Lee Precision die set and bag each of .030 and .060 over powder wads.