Shiloh Breech Block Problem?

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Shiloh Breech Block Problem?

Post by white owl » Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:01 pm

I saw something interesting yesterday while practicing at the range.

My Shiloh has a firing pin strike which is just a slight bit off-center. I thought it was nothing to worry about, but a friend mentioned that he has bent the lever on several of his Sharps rifles in order to make the firing pin hit the center of the primer. He bends them by opening the lever, placing a round rod, or some such, underneath the pivot point of the lever, and then trying to close the lever until he can feel it bend a bit.

We looked at my Shiloh, and if you look carefully, as you close the lever, the breechblock will rise up to a certain point, and then as you finally finish closing the lever, the breechblock will "cam over" and start to come down, just a tiny bit, but enough to see. If you look at the position of the lever when the breech block reaches its highest point, you can see how far away the lever is from closing. Mine was about 1".

Another friend there had a C. Sharps and when you closed its lever, the breechblock moved up in concert with the lever, and it never did drop back down. (But his firing pin strike is a slight bit off-center too!)

Questions: is the Sharps designed so the breech block is supposed to drop back down as the lever finally closes, or not?

Is this something that occurs with wear? I have almost 5,000 rounds through my Shiloh, and my friend's C. Sharps is brand new.

Does it matter how high the breech block is when closed, in relation to the receiver? Mine is below the level of the receiver by 0.020", while the block on my friend's C. Sharps is above the receiver by about 1/64".

Is this something that will eventually get worse and/or need to be fixed?

Kelley O. Roos
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Re: Shiloh Breech Block Problem?

Post by Kelley O. Roos » Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:09 pm

Instead of asking a forum group, ask Shiloh. :shock: As far as performance it doesn't hurt for a firing pin striking a primer off center.

Kelley O.

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Re: Shiloh Breech Block Problem?

Post by Ranch 13 » Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:17 am

Call Shiloh and ask them about the problem. They will fix it if it's something that needs fixed. How ever if you go to hamhanding the damn thing by bending stuff around they'll likely not honor (and rightfully so) any warranty expressed or implied.

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Re: Shiloh Breech Block Problem?

Post by montana_charlie » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:30 am

The link between your breechblock and lever is the wrong length. I am certain Shiloh can provide a better fit.
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