1874 C. Sharps

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1874 C. Sharps

Post by MikeG » Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:08 pm

I just bought a used Bridgeport model in .45-70. Was wanting some input from anyone that has a 1874. Loads, service from company, etc. Mine has semi-fancy wood that looks like it grew around the metal. Case hardening isn't a "colorful" as I would have liked but it's still very good. Sights are good, both tang and barrel. Overall I'm pleased with it. Haven't shot it enough to check accuracy.


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Re: 1874 C. Sharps

Post by Holdinsteady » Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:37 pm

Hi Mike,
Over the past 3 years I've purchased 2 1874's and an 1885 hi-wall from John at C Sharps. Couldn't be happier with all three. The 1874's are 45/70 and 44/90 straight, the 1885 is 38/55.
I have 2 good MOA loads for the 45/70.
1. 540 gr Paul JONES postell 20-1, RP brass, RP lge pistol primer, 68 gr Swiss 1 1/2, .030 vegitable fiber wad, tracing paper wad over primer inside of case, .001 to .002 neck tension, seated to touch lands..........shoots like a varmint rifle :D

2. 540 gr Steve Brooks Paper Patch patched to bore diam., RP brass, RP lge pistol primer, 90.5 gr Swiss 1 1/2, .030 veggie wad, tracing paper primer wad inside case, seat bullet 1/8 into case and finish with a slight taper crimp to hold bullet into the case...........shoots like a varmint rifle :mrgreen:

You will find a lot of differing opinions about C Sharps vs Shiloh Sharps.........I own both.........both are fine rifles and I would not hesitate to buy either again. They both shoot well but I would give the C Sharps the edge on accuracy albeit a very small edge.
Enjoy your C Sharps :D
Today was fun, tomorrow looks even better!!!!

Browning TH 1885 45/70
Win TH 1885 38/55
Browning BPCR 40/65
C Sharps 1885 38/55
C Sharps 1874 44/90
C-Sharps 1874 45/70 Boss II
Shiloh #1 1874 45/70

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Re: 1874 C. Sharps

Post by Throck3 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:41 pm

Plus one on "Enjoy your new C. Sharps." I've had a C. Sharps Hartford Model in .45-70 for about three years now and a Bridgeport in .38-55. C. Sharps upgraded my wood in the Bridgeport as a courtesy. The fit and finish is a work of art and accuracy is tops. The .45 shot 33 consecutive shots through an inch and a half hole at a hundred yards. The hole would have been smaller but I got a little flinchy so quit at 33. My .45-70 load is a 532 gr., 20/1 bullet cast from a Steve Brooks New Postel mold, over 71 gr. of fffg Swiss, with a newsprint wad over the primer hole and a .030 Walters wad between powder and bullet. The bullet is seated out to just touch the rifling. I currently use about .002 case tension on the bullet and only size the case to the length of the seating depth. I also find that simply thumb seating the bullet works very well too (with no case resizing at all).
Enjoy that rifle. It should be a good one.
PS - regardless of the rifle type, invest in good components when feeding you rifle. It makes all the difference in the world. There are lots of very experienced BPCR shooters on this board. (I am not one of them!) Pay attention to them as they have made many of the mistakes for you already and are not going to lead you down an empty rabbit trail. You will be a lot happier with your results sooner and avoid the frustrations that so many experience.