Help: Finally shot my Pedersoli Sharps with.......!

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Help: Finally shot my Pedersoli Sharps with.......!

Post by Pistolero » Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:29 pm

Hello all,
A while back I posted something about my new Pedersoli 1874 Sharps with 30" Octagonal barrel in .45-70. In that post I had described how it hit pretty much "dead-on" as far as windage goes at 100 yards with storebought shells (smokeless), but they hit a few inches low. Then I wanted to try BP and see if it shot any different.

Yesterday I shot it with some good old smoking stuff. But before I go to "sho'nuff" Black Powder I wanted to use up some old pyrodex I had so I reloaded my shells with 70 grains of Pyrodex. It was some old "P" and "RS" mixed (is it alright to mix it?). I shot several 3 shot groups at a 100 yd target and when I walked down to check it, all my shots could probably be covered with a fist and a half. I reckon it could have been a tighter group, but I was shooting with my barrel on my left hand and the back of my left hand on top of a box of shells stood on edge, rocking around. And I am no expert and sun was in my eyes, ironsights shining and reflecting light, a tiny rear notch, and a very windy day blowing in my face. Anyway, while they were pretty much right as far as windage goes, the group/s were all like a foot to a foot and a half low.

So, why the difference between smokeless and pyrodex? I thought modern smokeless shells were made to shoot in an older gun so seems like since the sights are the same the two types would shoot the same? Should I file my front sight down to bring the group up or what? But I want to try real BP to see how it does before I go to filing my front sight. What do y'all think?
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Post by montana_charlie » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:12 am

I think it's normal to file the front sight to match your personal taste.
But, it might be better to leave it alone until you have settled on what kind of shooting you will be doing with that rifle.

For load development and testing it doesn't matter where a group long as it's on the paper.
When you have a good one that you plan to stay with...set your sights for that load.

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