Sharps Borchardt rear sight help

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Sharps Borchardt rear sight help

Post by pjogrinc » Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:26 pm

Recently picked up a military Borchardt that was bastardized. Barrel chopped to 24, replaced front sight (period correct), chopped up military rear sight that was converted to a tipping 2 sight configuration, stock forearm chopped to carbine length. Bought it for the action as it is in good clean shape. Dang, it's a heck of a shooter !! My problem is that I need a replacement sight for the rear sight. It has a screw mount in the frone and a rear dove tail mounting. Would like any help on replacing the rear sight. TNKS.

Harry Eales
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Re: Sharps Borchardt rear sight help

Post by Harry Eales » Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:58 am

Hello pj etc,

Yours is not an uncommon predicament. The Sharps sights haven't been manufactured for 130+ years but there may be some lying around in the 'odds and sods' boxes of home gunsmiths who modify such rifles for 'Varmint' or 'Long Range' shooting.

Try advertising the the 'Wants Adds' on as many Gun Forums as possible, alternatively you could approach the current manufacturers of replica Sharps like Shiloh Sharps or C.Sharps both of Big Timber, Montana, and ask then if they will supply you with a replica sight. The Borchardt Military Rifle was fitted with a Lawrence Rear Sight that was the same as fitted to earlier Sharps military rifles and some other versions of their rifles.

Good luck,

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