Finally did some serious shooting with my Pedersoli Sharps.

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Post by Jim Milner » Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:57 pm

Pistolero, just save the forum in your favorites and do not log off.
bring it right up that way.
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Post by montana_charlie » Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:36 pm

Pistolero wroteCOLONAnyway, thanks guys. I printed that article about the double set triggers and safties off.
Thanks again,
I have been gone for a week (to have some surgery done), so I did not reply to your initial search for Double Set Trigger information. The link that was provided IS what you need to get the adjustment right.

However, there is something you should know about...concerning that 'second screw' which is found on the Peder-built rifles. I'm talking about the one that sits about flush with the surface of the trigger bar.

There is a set screw in the side of the lower trigger bar which can be tightened against that flush adjustment screw. To actually see that set screw, you must have the trigger group removed from the stock.

If your adjustment tends to change, you can tighten the set screw to provide some tension to prevent that.

When it came time to adjust mine, the set screw was so tight I messed up the head of the adjuster trying to loosen it...and had to get a replacement. It was only after removing the trigger assembly from the stock that I could back the set screw off, allowing the adjuster to turn.

You may never need to mess with it, but I think it's important for you to know it's there.

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