Any Sharps lovers here in central Alabama?

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Any Sharps lovers here in central Alabama?

Post by Pistolero » Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:32 pm

Hello all,
I was just wondering if anyone here is from Montgomery, Al or the surrounding area. I would love to get together with some other Sharps and old west lovers and chit chat, swap lies, talk guns, shoot, etc., etc..

If any are here, where on earth do you go to shoot your Sharps, etc.? I have no land to go shoot at so the only place I know 0f is at the Coosa Co. Wildlife Management Area Firing Range. It is only a 100 yard range, but it is pretty neat, with concret wood topped shooing tables, etc..

Just curious if any of my fellow central Alabamians were here.
Take care,
Millbrook, Al.
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