Dealers in Alabama?

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Dealers in Alabama?

Post by Pistolero » Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:44 pm

I have seen posts where various gun dealers, distributers, etc. were mentioned how delt with or carried repro guns such as Trapdoors, Rem Rollingblocks, etc., and especially Sharps. Does anyone know of any such dealers or distributers here in Alabama, or even maybe Georgia where I could find some good deals on Sharps repros such as Pedersolis, etc,?

I have a brand new Pedersoli Sharps, their "Lightweight Sporter" model, although it is not all that light weight with a 30" oct barrel. I have only shot it about six times. But I have decided I would rather have something more powerful such as the 45-110 or especially the 50-90. If there was a shop near here I might could work up a trade or something. I sort of like the Infantry model as well.
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