IAB Sharps

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IAB "Sharps"

Post by Knarley Bob » Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:53 pm

I have the dubious honor of owning an IAB "Sharps" It is a factory finished gun. It has a 28"bbl that is octaginal and browned. The rear sight is functional IF you have a small screw driver to loosen the set screw to move it up and down. The front blade is brass, as on a CVA mountain rifle. The wood to metal fit ain't too bad, though you can see light between the stock and tang. The hammer is huge, and the saftey on it worked fine untill it fell off. :shock: The inner workings of the lock look as if they were cut with a chisel, the bore is dull and rough looking. I have shot it out to 300 meters, and did O.K. with it, it seems to hold fairly good groups.
You cannot compare this to a Pedersoli,( I have one of those too) for you would be trying to compare a sun-dial to a Rolex.
Go as cheap as you want, I did. Wish I would have kept the first $600.00.
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