Kamloops BC Silhouette and Long Range Gong Match

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Kamloops BC Silhouette and Long Range Gong Match

Post by gunlaker » Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:57 pm

On June 15-18 the Heffley Creek Gun Club ( near Kamloops BC ) will be hosting the 24th annual Silhouette and Long Range Gong match.

It's a multi-day NRA style silhouette match and a gong match with targets at 500m, 600m, 700m, and 800m.

The range is absolutely beautiful and the company is excellent :D. You won't find a nicer place to camp anywhere.


If you've never shot before, or have no spotter, do not worry, just show up. There is plenty of help for new shooters.

You can get the details here:

http://www.bcsingleshot.com/HeffleyCree ... er2017.pdf

The club's page is here:


If you have any questions at all, ask the match directors as listed on the entry forum, or ask me.

Hope to see you there.