WC860 Pressure vs BP

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WC860 Pressure vs BP

Post by jonp » Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:41 pm

I bought a 43 Spanish Rolling Block some time ago and have been using BP in it with a 370gr bullet which is great. I have a few jugs of WC860 surplus I bought from Jeff Bartlett for duplexing a 35 Whelen and a member on a different site was good enough to send me some reloading data which included AA8700 which is what Jeff said to use for the WC860.

The load showed a pressure of less than 10,000psi for the AA8700 so it should be fine but I was wondering if anyone had tried it? I'm happy with the black and my wife loves the smoke but I have a bunch of the WC860 to use up.