NM BPCR Spring Match - Saturday Results

Match notices and results.
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NM BPCR Spring Match - Saturday Results

Post by fseybert » Tue May 31, 2011 11:28 am

I will have the nmbpcr.com web site updated later this week. Here are the winners of the Saturday Match:

2011 NM BPCR Club Spring Match
Saturday Results

Rice Brad 40 Match Winner
Baldwin Steve 40 1st Master
Zimmerman Dan 35 2nd Master
Schweitzer Gary 34 3rd Master
Jones James 39 1st AAA
Farmer Jim 39 2nd AAA
Rosenbaum Bryan 38 3rd AAA
Moss Bob 36 1st AA
Baldinell Rob 33 2nd AA
Farmer Dick 33 3rd AA
Chavez Landy 30 1st A
Benskin Jeannie 22 2nd A
Moss Georgia 21 3rd A
Keiner Clifford 16 1st B
Keeler Chuck 16 2nd B
Vanwey Jerry 42 1st Scope
Davids Gene 34 2nd Scope
Thomson R. J. 34 3rd Scope
Odor Jack 36 High Senior
Moritz Marisa 29 High Woman

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