Tell me what happened ?

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What happened:

Post by HvyMtl » Sat Sep 23, 2006 10:34 am

For what its worth, I was wiping between shots and noticed when I did this I would get leading. So after wiping with a wet patch ( moose milk ) and then a dry patch I would put a patch down the barrel with bore butter, just enough to give a slight film, the leading stopped and accuracy was consistant.


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Up and down problem

Post by Rusty » Thu Oct 26, 2006 7:05 am

I noticed that case-neck tension can also cause stringing up and down.If not doing so,back off on neck tension so that bullet is barely held in case. Have your cases been annealed?

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Post by Splattersmith » Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:14 pm

This a just some old varmint hunter stuff to ponder since you do have a pattern, i. e. high and higher at the end of the day.

First, were your bullets in the sun and got heated? This was always an issue in hot weather while ground squirrel hunting. [The second shot may have been a bad/good hold.] At 550 yds, without rifle or load or Elmer Keith at the trigger, it is not unreasonable to contemplate the possibility of shooter error. But there is still a rising pattern of unexpected amounts. Heated/hot bullets do this in smockless.

Again from the ground squirrel life, bedded stock? Heat moves wood and changes point of impact. Most everyone has had that happen. Was the rifle sitting in the sun for a bit of time.

Melting lube? More pressure can cause more velocity???

Neck tension? Doubt it would change during the day to an 8 moa difference.

Tired eyes. Has happened to me but the last three hits seem to make this one problematic at best.

Light? 8 moa? Maybe - but I wouldn’t use that for my 8 moa bad shooting unless my wife was there.

Blow tub versus wiping. An interesting debate but you shot all day and the last went coo-coo. Blowing or wiping problems should evidence itself a lot earlier, I would think.

Leading? Not relevant to your day problem, I would guess. Shouldn’t be a day 8 moa degeneration if you had consistency before the end. ( my humble opinion). Also, if you cleaned the rifle later it did not find a lead mine later, not an issue. If you did, what happened earlier?

Major change in sweet spot placement of the barrel? Could go with that with some rifles. Position changes can be major.

I will stick with heat on the rifle and the cartridges with the sweet spot, but I sure ain’t going to bet that at Vegas.

Too many variables to put any money on your problem.
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Post by Woodgoat » Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:06 am

Splattersmith, that post is almost three years old and while I'm pretty sure I unravelled that mystery, I'm not positive that it wasnt a combination of events that caused it. Several of which you listed in your diagnosis. BUT, here's what the main culprit was imo. (I had to consult my notes, so this isnt all just memory :wink: ) I was able to reproduce that pattern several times by running the gun hot and seeing shots walk higher and higher. About the third time I did it I thought, "this acts like a bedding problem and not some weird stress releif issue from an overheated barrel" I had read that overheating one when its new could cause that to happen, but I'm kinda skeptical of how hot you'd have to get one to make it do that??? Anyway, I went home and took the forearm off my Shiloh and sure as poop stinks, there was unmistakable contact on the back of the receiver against the rear end of the forearm. I could see where the wood was being battered against the receiver and was hammered smooth. I took some sandpaper and layed it on a smooth flat table top and stood the forearm up on it and pulled it carefully along the sandpaper until the contact area was relieved. I put the forearm back on the gun and held it up to a 100w bulb and could see light all the way around. Next trip to the range, I put two 20 shot strings downrange with just a short pause and wiping after the first ten. Barrel was hot enough to cook a biscuit on, and the group at 546 yards was perfectly round and about 1.5 moa. (my notes record 16 hits and 4 misses on the ram swinger) Wind and mirage were most likely the culprits for those misses. Anyway, I decided that I had solved that problem and since that time have moved on down the list of "I wonder wtf caused that?" :lol:
The more you shoot these things (BPCR) the more questions you think of. :wink:
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Post by Splattersmith » Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:12 pm

Sorry about the three years. Did not notice that. The "wtf happened" still sits on my nose every time I go out. If someone could get rid of that, we would all be heroes (maybe Tiger Woods but not us mortals.)
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