SPF Zoli 1863 Zouave

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SPF Zoli 1863 Zouave

Post by jgraham1 » Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:32 pm


Up for sale is an early model Antonio Zoli 1863 Zouave in .58 caliber with serial number 16XXX. It has a 33-inch barrel, two barrel bands and 5/16-24 twist nipples. There are three nipples and a new civil war style black leather hook sling are included. One musket nipple and one #11 nipple appear to be original with the rifle, in like new condition. A Tesco Ampco musket nipple is currently installed. The lock is stamped Hy-Score Arms and the barrel has the Antonio Zoli stamp, but with these early ones, the I in Antonio does not appear so it looks like Anton O Zoli & Co. I am not sure of the date of manufacture but it is stamped very lightly with XXX and then a space and then PN and then another space and then the serial number. The internet says the XXX is 1974 but I do not know what the PN means. The rifle is in great shape with no damage and works and functions as it should. With shipping it is $450 and local pickup in Springfield, Virginia is $400.

Can be shipped directly to the buyer, no FFL required. I accept cash, MO and personal checks. No trades or PayPal. Contact me with any questions.


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Re: SPF Zoli 1863 Zouave

Post by Singleshot S.A. » Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:17 pm

Wish this was in Oz, I sold a good shooter, silly me.