Tornado Alley .22 BPCR Silhouette Shoot-Off 2016

Match notices and results.
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Tornado Alley .22 BPCR Silhouette Shoot-Off 2016

Post by .22Ballard » Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:42 pm

May 14 & 15 2016

Range Location: 1/8 mile east of Arcadia, OK (US-66) and three miles north on Anderson Road

Rules: BPCR Silhouette rules will govern (see for specifics)

Eligibility: Open to any NRA member

Entries: Entries in the match will be made by using the form below or send name squad request and class along with fee to:

Dave Crossno
23380 N. Anderson Road
Arcadia, OK 73007

E-mail contact:

Entries Open: April 1, 2016

Entries Limited: 5-relays - 60 shooters - ONE ENTRY PER SHOOTER - scope OR iron sight only.

Fees: $60.00 per competitor

Squadding: All squads will be assigned as per entry form

Classification: The BPCR Silhouette Classification system will be used.
Individuals who have not been classified will fire in the highest available class.

Awards: Awards will be presented daily for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each class.
Aggregate awards will also be presented.

Special award for over-all Match Winner

Scopes must be BPCR LEGAL

Firing Schedule: Firing will commence each day promptly at 8:30 a.m.

Match is 40 shots per day

Chickens 50M off hand
Pigs 100M cross sticks
Turkeys 150M cross sticks
Rams 200M cross sticks

General Information: Lunch will be provided both days. Hamburgers Saturday evening after first match. Camping areas, running water and sanitary facilities are available at the range. Hotel accommodations, restaurants, shopping are all available, just a few miles away in Edmond. Easy access to the range via Rt 66, I35, and I44. This range is one of the nicest facilities in the U.S.

The club range will be open at 12 o'clock, Friday May 13th for practice

Please fill out and return to:
Dave Crossno
23380 N. Anderson Road
Arcadia, Ok 73007


Class: Scope_______________ Iron Sight______________



E-Mail Address:___________________________________________________________________________

Who do you wish to be squadded with?

Will you be staying for Hamburgers Saturday evening?__________________________________________________
Will your spouse be joining you? ____________________________

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Re: Tornado Alley .22 BPCR Silhouette Shoot-Off 2016

Post by 40-65RL » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:18 pm

Looking forward to this great match!
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Re: Tornado Alley .22 BPCR Silhouette Shoot-Off 2016

Post by .22Ballard » Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:55 pm

The dates on this announcement are correct, May 14th & 15th.

Maj. Forrest Smith
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Re: Tornado Alley .22 BPCR Silhouette Shoot-Off 2016

Post by Maj. Forrest Smith » Mon May 16, 2016 11:16 am

It was an exciting end to a great two days of shooting at the OKC Gun Club this last week at the Granddaddy of all the .22 BPCR matches. David and Pam Crossno greeted everyone to the OKC Gun Club and announced he was handing over the Match Director's job to Mike Bassett this year. Mike and his crew ran a every will organized match. Good job, Mike!

Dan Zimmerman was High Over All Winner for the first day of the match. Shooting a score 30 in very tricky cold winds that day at the range. And Kevin Griggs was the second day HOA winner with a 33. Kevin won the top honor in a 4-way chicken shoot off with Dick Hennebry of Cheyenne, WY, Bob Smith of OKC, OK and John Gage of Stillwater, OK.

(There were some very competitive shoot-offs for top honors in several of the classes this year. We will post those winners on the site soon.)

Even for HOA Match winner, there was a 3 way tie with aggregate scores of 62: Kevin Griggs, Dan Zimmerman and John Gage. The 3 shooters step up to the chicken line to watch Kevin Griggs take top honors for the match. Kevin was dead on for chickens this weekend!

Congratulations, Kevin Griggs as the Tornado Alley High-Over-All Winner! (again!)

Kevin received a vary nice shooting box and an exact wood copy of a Remington #2 block block for his win! Check out the photo!
Kevin Griggs of Clay Center, KS HOA at Tornado Alley .22 Match 2016
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Re: Tornado Alley .22 BPCR Silhouette Shoot-Off 2016

Post by Brent » Mon May 16, 2016 11:36 am

We should make Kevin shoot that wooden #2 roller from now on so the rest of us have a chance. He is getting way too good at killing chickens!

Congratulations to everyone in the shoot off, but especially to Kevin for bearing down when he needed to.
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Re: Tornado Alley .22 BPCR Silhouette Shoot-Off 2016

Post by .22Ballard » Tue May 24, 2016 2:24 pm

Luckily he can't put a scope on that pretty little roller and shoot it.