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Eastern Regional Ridgway Rifle Club

PostedCOLON Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:53 am
by 45bpcr
Coming up in just a few weeks - The Eastern Regional Championship at the beautiful Ridgway Rifle Club in Ridgway PA. It's a two-day match Sept 26-27 with a 40-shot format each day, so bring plenty of ammo. The range will be available Thursday and Friday for practice, sight-in, or just plain fun shooting. Solo shooters welcome - we'll find you a spotter!

Match-Day Info

7:00-8:45 Registration

8:00-8:45 Sight-in

8:45 Mandatory shooters meeting

9:00 Match starts

Shoot is open to NRA and non-NRA members. Current NRA silhouette rules apply. 2015 NRA Silhouette Classification book required and may be purchased at the match. Entry fee of $25 (Junior Shooters $10).

Free coffee and donuts. Bottled water is available. Bring your lunch - we'll take a break around 11:30.


Medals for the top three in each class (iron sights and scope)
Swiss Powder
SPG/BPCN Gift Certificates
Starline Brass
Rotometals Alloy
Shiloh Blankets and Hats
Brownell's tool sets
25lb pure lead ingot
And more!

In addition to his prize donation, John Bly will bring about 500lb of lead in 25lb ingots, for sale at $40 each.

Side Match on Saturday

We're also thinking of a side match on Saturday after the main event. Five shots for score on Homer at 1000 yards. It will be the standard 7 minutes 30 seconds with unlimited sighters but you must complete your five shots for score in the allotted time.
Winner will get unlimited bragging rights and a hot dog or hamburger prepared by yours truly. (In the event of a tie - I'll cut it in half.)
Club Improvements

If you haven't been to Ridgway in a while there have been many improvements made at the club starting with the road in. It's now paved and low branches have been removed for RV access.

The stones on the firing line have been replaced with compacted stone dust. Cross stick go in nice and easy and hold well. The firing line has been lengthened and leveled, and drainage has been added.

Camping and Lodging
The field near the club house has been replaced with a large crushed stone parking lot. There are still grassy spots for tent campers around the edges. Limited electrical hook ups are available - bring a long cord.

Motels in the area:

The Royal Inn, Ridgway PA (814-773-3153) -- Good Prime Rib --
Comfort Inn St. Mary's PA (814-843-2030)
Best Western St. Mary's PA (814-834-0000)
Gunner's Inn St. Mary's PA (814-834-2161
Upcoming Matches
Only one more after this one - a 40-shot match on Sunday October 25.

See you at Ridgway!

Craig Duncan
Match Director, Ridgway BPCR
603-434-5796 (weekdays)
603-845-9727 (cell)

Re: Eastern Regional Ridgway Rifle Club

PostedCOLON Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:50 pm
by 45bpcr
We had a great shoot!

Congratulations to Jim Dietlein, winner of the Eastern Regional BPCR match at the Ridgway Rifle Club in Ridgway PA, with an aggregate score of 71 for the 2-day, 80-shot match. Awesome shooting, Jim! Brian Chilson took 2nd Open with a 64, and Marshall Chase earned 3rd Open with a 57. In Scope class, Brian Chilson won 1st Scope with a 70, Debra Lee Hovatter took 2nd with a 60, and Mark Chronister placed 3rd with a 58. Complete results are below. (Please note: In double-checking the score sheets, we found a discrepancy that affected the Day 1 scope standings. No aggregate standings were affected.)

We had a total of 32 shooters (36 rifles) representing 8 states. The weather was ideal, with sunny skies and light winds the first day, and overcast conditions the second day giving way to breezy sunshine. Mirage was minimal, which may have contributed to some record-setting scores. Day 1, Jim Dietlein tied the overall 40-shot record and broke it for Senior. Brian Chilson broke the record for Senior 40-shot Scope and Senior 80-shot Scope. Debra Lee Hovatter broke the record for Women's 80-shot Scope. Congratulations for your superb shooting!

After the first day's match, we held a just-for-fun competition on Homer the buffalo at 980 yards. Homer is a ½ size Buffalo silhouette . Each competitor had 7 minutes 30 seconds for sighters and 5 shots for score. Greg Lauver hit Homer 3 times with iron sights, and so did Mark Chronister with scope. Gentlemen, enjoy your bragging rights.

We were pleased to welcome Gordon Clefton, a brand new BPCR shooter, to our match, and we had some interested observers who we hope to see behind a rifle soon. We also had a special guest, PA Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson . GT is a staunch 2A supporter. He watched part of the match, made some remarks, and then got down and cracked off a few rounds. Glenn was shooting my 40-65 at the 300 meter pigs and within a couple of shots had the swine seriously concerned.

Thank you to our prize sponsors:

Schuetzen Powders Energetics
Starline Brass
Roto Metals
Shiloh Sharps
And the various private sponsors who donated.

As always, thank you to the Ridgway Rifle Club and all the folks who set and painted targets, weighed rifles, cleaned the club house, called relays, did paperwork, and took out the garbage. It's a lot of work to run a match, and your help made it a success.

The 2015 season's last match is on Sunday Oct 25. Hope to see you there!

Craig Duncan
Match Director, Ridgway BPCR
603-434-5796 (weekdays)
603-845-9727 (cell)
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