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Ridgway Rifle Club June 2015

PostedCOLON Wed Jun 03, 2015 7:00 am
by 45bpcr
Time to start getting ready for the PA State Championship at the Ridgway Rifle Club on June 27-28.

This is a big match with a lot of shooting. Sixty rounds for score both Saturday and Sunday, so bring plenty of ammo. Personally I would bring a minimum of 160 rounds for just the match and sighters, more if you want to shoot practice. The range will be open on Friday before the match for practice, play and to "run what ya brung."

The Match Winner can be anyone, but the PA State Champion must be a resident of PA and a member of the PA state Rifle and Pistol Association. This is an NRA Registered Match but is also open to non-NRA members as well.

Match-Day Info (both days)
7:00-8:45 Registration
8:00-8:45 Sight-in
8:45 Mandatory shooters meeting
9:00 Match starts

Current NRA silhouette rules apply. 2015 NRA Silhouette Classification book required and may be purchased at the match. Entry fee of $25 (Junior Shooters $10).

There will be free coffee and pastries in the clubhouse to give you the sugar and caffeine jitters before you shoot. We will break for lunch at approximately 11:30 so pack a lunch if you think you'll be hungry. There's also a vending machine with bottled water in the club house.

Changes at the Club

If you haven't been to Ridgway lately, you'll notice some big changes. Last year, the club purchased the land behind the club house from the adjacent property owner. The "field" is gone and has been replaced with a much larger crushed stone parking area suitable for RVs. It's still dry camping but there are a limited number of electrical hook ups as long as you bring a long extension cord, or two. The road in to the range has been trimmed of low-hanging branches making it possible to bring your fifth wheel or class A. The road has also been paved with recycled asphalt.

The firing line has been extended on the left side by at least 8 positions. The brush and trees on that side of the range are being cut back and the land graded. There's now a straight line of sight to the bank 1 animals.

There are many new cleaning benches under the shelters on both sides of the club house and they're angled to prevent solvents from running back into your rifle's action.

Some people have expressed interest in shooting from a seated position. I'm working on a way to make a couple sections of the rail removable, and have some ideas that I can fabricate here at the shop and install when we get down there. I hope to have them in place for the match. Anyone want to give me a hand?

All the work at Ridgway is done by folks who volunteer their time. I'm glad to be part of that. It's good to be associated with a group of people who all share the same passion for the shooting sports.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

See you at Ridgway!

Craig Duncan
Match Director, Ridgway BPCR
603-434-5796 (weekdays)

Re: Ridgway Rifle Club June 2015

PostedCOLON Thu Jun 18, 2015 2:11 pm
by 45bpcr
A heads up about Ridgway.
For any shooters that come to town via 219 South / North Broad st.
The Bridge over Elk Creek collapsed today. That's the bridge near Fox Pizza and the Sheetz station.
I have no news of detours at this time.


Re: Ridgway Rifle Club June 2015

PostedCOLON Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:30 pm
by 45bpcr
Only a few days left till the PA State Championship at the Ridgway Rifle Club!

The bridge I mentioned in Ridgway?
I found out the part that collapsed was the part PennDot was removing anyways so there should be no issues getting to the club from the north on 219. I guess they just removed it a little faster than expected

Also, of interest, there’s a new web master at the club so highlights and results from the shoots will be viewable there.

As this is an NRA Registered match, we will also weigh rifles.
Remember, this shoot is a 2 day shoot with 60 shots per day for score, so bring plenty of ammo.

We’ll see you at Ridgway

Craig & Carolyn

Re: Ridgway Rifle Club June 2015

PostedCOLON Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:59 am
by 45bpcr
Congratulations to Dave Heeter, PA State BPCR Champion for 2015! For the 2-day, 60-shot format, Dave earned an aggregate score of 85. Conditions at Ridgway were among the worst we've seen. At the Saturday match, heavy wind-driven rain caused several competitors to drop out due to concerns about their equipment. On Sunday, visibility was the biggest challenge. There was little to no wind, but couple that with the wet heavy air and the smoke from our rifles just hung there. Those conditions gave way to intermittent showers and variable winds, with brief flashes of sunshine.

Anticipating the weather, a number of people who had planned to attend didn't make it. We had a total of 19 shooters, some for only one day. Larry Kiehl took 2nd Open with an aggregate of 68, and Craig Duncan earned 3rd Open with a 65. Mario DeAngelis won 1st Scope and High Senior with a 96! Due to conditions and turnout, there were no Iron Man competitors or teams. Complete results are below.


Thank you to our many sponsors! See below for pictures of the prize table and sponsor banners.

Former match director John O'Donnell provided two beautiful trophies for the iron sights and scope winners
BPCN donated gift certificates for their fine publication

Schuetzen Powder Energetics, Inc donated some Swiss powder, the mysterious 1 1/2C ball powder to be exact
Starline Brass donated $50 gift certificates and a CD for their brass
ROTOMETALS sent us samples of their different bullet casting alloys, hats, tin pellets and ladles

Shiloh Sharps Rifles was on hand with a nice long sleeve shirt and a hat emblazoned with their logo

Brownells gave us a nice compact hollow ground screw driver set

Midway USA sent some styrofoam cartridge trays and boxes and a Tipton compact rifle cradle

The Patriot Shop supplied a parchment copy of the Preamble to the Constitution along with some "cards" that were given away during the match by yours truly

Maine Powder House supplied some Old Enysforth Powder

Rich McKinnis donated one of his hand-made turkey calls

Carolyn Snyder put up a $25 Midway USA gift certificate for "most improved shooter"

There was a private donation of assorted primers

I'd also like to thank all those who helped out before, during, and after the match. Setting the steel back up at night, cleaning the clubhouse, dumping the trash, and just lending a hand when asked. There's a lot of "behind the scenes" work that goes on during a match, and it wouldn't happen without you.

Craig Duncan

Match Director, Ridgway BPCR

603-434-5796 (weekdays)

603-845-9727 (cell)

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Re: Ridgway Rifle Club June 2015

PostedCOLON Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:00 am
by 45bpcr
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