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2014 Glasgow MT match

PostedCOLON Sat Jun 07, 2014 8:23 am
by westerner
August 8,9,10 Valley Co Rifle and Pistol Club Range Glasgow, Mt
Thurs. Aug. 7th Open Range- Practice and Sight In.
Fri. Aug.8th- 30 shot bench match 200 yards, any single shot rifle any safe load, any sight
Fri. Aug.8th- 50 shot .22rf bench match 100 yards any .22 rifle loaded singley any sight.
Fri. Aug. 8th- 10 shot offhand muzzle loader match 100 yards, black powder or substitute , cap or flint round ball or conical( no sabots), king match to follow. $2.00
Range fee for Friday $20.00
Sat. Aug 9th- 1st stage of 100 shot schuetzen match, 50 shots offhand 200 yards -IRON SIGHTS- any single shot rifle lead bullet any safe load Wy schuetzen union rules and targets.
Sat. Aug 9th- 30 shot .22rf offhand 100 yrds. any .22 loaded singley any sight. .22 king match
Bar-B Q at the Otterberg place on Ft. Peck lake 6:00 PM
Range fee for Sat is $20.00
Sun. Aug. 10th- 2nd stage of the 100 shot schuetzen match, 50 shots 200 yards any sight any single shot rifle any safe load . Agg. of Sat. and Sun. will be the Schuetzen champion.
King match to follow $5.00
$20.00 range fee for Sun.
Awards and prize table to follow the King match
Space limited to 28 shooters. 8:30 match start time
No lunch served at the range you will have to bring your own.
Any questions call Mike Otterberg 406-367-5281