2012 Kentucky State BPCR Match

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2012 Kentucky State BPCR Match

Post by g.pennell » Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:04 am

First off, thanks to everyone for coming out to play with us at our little range in the hills of Cannonsburg, KY. We had a great turn-out, with 33 shooters total over the two days of shooting. We had shooters from Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida (!) and Michigan...WOW! I hope everyone's drive home was safe.

Saturday the conditions were pretty rough, and the scores for the day reflected that. A constant threat of rain as a cold front blew through, and rapidly switching, swirling headwinds of 20+ mph made the day tough for most shooters. But, the scores overall were pretty close and set the stage for a shoot-out on Sunday.

Sunday was clear and cool, and much calmer...just a great day for shooting. The range gremlins just wouldn't completely give in, and still left shooters scratching their heads at times. We did have to award a 5-chicken pin, to Brad Hurt...his first and only the second ever awarded from our range.

When the smoke from the final relay cleared, and the shoot-off was over, the 2012 KY State Champion, Iron Sights Division was Richard Wood (Woody). A tie for second in Iron Sights went to a shoot-off between Brad Hurt and Mike Patterson, with Brad coming out as the Runner-up in Irons, and Mike as Third Irons.

In the Scope Division, the 2012 KY State Champion was Greg Pennell. Runner-up in Scope went to Steve Decker, and just a few points behind Steve was Kim Kelly in Third Scope.

Congrats to these, and all the rest of the class winners! We had a ball hosting you guys, and sincerely hope to see each and every one back next year! Have a safe off-season, and we'll fire things up again starting the fourth weekend in March, 2013.



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