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BP postal matches

Post by GWarden » Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:17 pm

Here is a BP postal match that has been going for some time now. It is challenging,and the ongoing debate of sluggunners vs. cartridge rifles. check rule revision at the end.


Any muzzle loading or black powder cartridge rifle firing muzzle loaded, fixed or breech seated bullet.

Bullets to be plain base. Patched or grease groove.

Propellant to be black powder only. No substitutes.

Ten shots on the NMLRA 100 yard target (or equivalent) at 200 yards May thru October. Any rifle

Ten shots on the NMLRA 50 yard target (or equivalent) at 100 yards year around. Any rifle.

A shooter can shoot all of the postals but each can only be shot shot once a month and must be shot within the month. This is not a re-entry.

Scoring to the center of the bullet hole. If the center touches the line the shot receives the higher value.

Bench position. Muzzle can be supported by any device or sand bag that does not restrain the barrel. Rear rest can be hard or soft but not mechanically adjustable. No machine rests.

Can also be shot prone, offhand or from X sticks.

No entrance fee and no prizes. Shooters to provide and score their own targets. Honor system with no witness required.

Scores to be sent to Rich Hicks by the first of the following month and
please do not send targets.

PICKET RIFLE RULES (Trial basis through the summer season of 2008)

Commencing with December 2007 there will be a seperate division for cartridge and muzzle loading rifles shooting short bullets. A shooter can enter scores for both the regular and Picket division within the same month.


The bullet must be less than two calibers long and round balls are acceptable.
The target to be the NMLRA 100 yard (or equivalent) and will be shot at 100 yards year around. Ten shots for score.

Due to suggestions on this site I'm making a change to our current monthly postal match effective immediately. I'm extending the winter match to year around to accommodate shooters who do not have ready access to a 200 yard range.
Our monthly postal now consists of a 10 shot Picket match at 100 yards on the NRA/NMLRA 100 yard target year around. Any rifle 10 shots at 100 yards on the NRA/NMLRA 50 yard target year around and any rifle 10 shots at 200 yards on the NRA/NMLRA 100 yard target from May thru Oct.
All matches are black powder only.
Shoot any or all of the matches and send me the score.

Rich Hicks 330-644-5680 sluggunner@sbcglobal.net