Results-Bismarck/Mandan R&P Spring BPCR Silhouette

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Results-Bismarck/Mandan R&P Spring BPCR Silhouette

Post by Ken Heier » Mon May 19, 2008 3:43 pm

Bismarck/Mandan Rifle & Pistol Assn Spring BPCR Silhouette Match was held May 17, 2008 under very tough and exasperating conditions, with 15 participants braving the nasty wind. Winds were wicked (I'm getting tired of saying that!) :evil: gusting to 47 mph in the afternoon. Otherwise, it was a moderate sunny day, with only the high winds to make things irksome. Even "sta-put" mats were blowing accross the range.

We could not even keep any of the targets up except the chickens, and had to immediately, before even beginning the match, resort to using duct tape to secure them to the rails.

Trying to hold a full-length scoped rifle in that wind felt like you were holding a 2/6 out there. The chickens were mighty hard to come by, but Bismarck's Steve Allen managed to nail three for high chicken count. Charlie Young and Ray Hanson each got all 10 pigs. My partner Gregg Simon knocked down 8 turkeys for the high on those, and also managed to take high rams, in a tie with Charlie Young with 6 apiece.

Winners (in open classes) were:

Match Winner-scope--Charlie Young, Froid, Mt-22/40

2nd-scope--Ray Hanson, Twin Valley, Mn-20/40

Match Winner-iron sights--Steve Allen, Bismarck, ND-17/40

2nd-iron sights--Curt Grorud, Thief River Falls, Mn-17/40

3rd-iron sights--Dave Logosz, Dickinson, ND-15/40

Some amazingly good scores were fired under the circumstances.

See picture: ... inners.jpg

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