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.22BPCR Rifle

PostedCOLON Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:21 pm
by SSShooter
DZ 22LR Hepburn wearing a 28" half-round Shilen rachet-rifled barrel. Has Hepburn-style checkering, a Baldwin Soule rear sight and Lyman 77 front sight. The blocks are for a 23" MVA scope, but simple enough to move the front block back for the DZ scope spacing. As you can see from the reflections, I'm not much of photographer, but let me know if you closer-up pic's of anything. New it would be over $4000 with the checkering & sights. I would like to get $3000 with the sights or $2700 without. As a modern reproduction must ship to your FFL. Thanks.