!885 Winchester barrels for sale

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!885 Winchester barrels for sale

Post by 40-65RL » Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:09 am

Unfinished or not started projects for sale:

22 K Hornet blued barrel. Barrel is 26 ¼ inches long, .700 diameter at muzzle, .960 at breach, in very good condition.
Thread diameter .935. This should fit 1885 high wall actions or some low wall actions with the large shank.
Barrel maker unknown but is marked “H.M Rose” and 22 KH in script.
$125.00 includes shipping/insurance.

22 K Hornet barrel in the white. Barrel is 25 ¼ inches long, .867 diameter at muzzle, 1.150 at breach in excellent condition.
Thread diameter is .815. This should fit small shank 1885 low wall actions.
Barrel maker is unknown but is stamped: “J.L. Cox” and “22 KH”.
$125.00 includes shipping/insurance.

RCBS K Hornet dies in original paper box. These are very old dies in excellent condition. Buy the dies and I will include about 100 formed K Hornet brass.
$80.00 includes shipping/insurance.

1885 Winchester extractor that I believe, I’m not 100% for sure on this, is for the 22 K Hornet but it’s not marked so I’m not sure. Will include for $20 with either of the K Hornet barrels listed above or sell separately for $25 including shipping/insurance. For come first gets it since I have only one.

Original 1885 high wall nickel steel 30 US (30-40 Krag) barrel with original forend and extractor. Barrel is 26 inches long and .935 diameter at the threads. Barrel is marked “nickel steel barrel for use with smokeless powder”. Barrel has pipe wrench marks but they are not terrible and are mostly hidden by the forend. Marks do not effect the accuracy. I have shot this one and it groups very well with both factory and my reloads.
$275.00 includes shipping/insurance.

Contact: rhennebry msn com (put in the “.”

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Post by Hiwall » Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:19 am

I will take the extractor.. $25.00 will be sent. Please give me your mailing address.

tom patton

thanks in advance
tom patton