Browning BPCR Stock Hole Reinforcement/Weight

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Browning BPCR Stock Hole Reinforcement/Weight

Post by choken » Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:24 pm

I purchased some thickwall aluminum tubing that is used for the construction of ham radio towers that fits perfectly in the factory Browning hole. I epoxied this tube into the through bolt hole . This serves to reinforce the stock and allows safe access to the through bolt. In addition I purchased a smaller OD tube that nests perfectly into the reinforcement tube. I then poured molten lead into this tube with a bolt in the middle to aid in removal. There is no slop, so no rattling around and I was able to bring the weight up to the NRA BPCR silhouette limit of 12# 2oz. This does make the rifle balance better for offhand chicken shooting. If anyone would like a set of these tubes, I've got some as I had to buy a minimum of 20' of each. Will send 1 foot of each for $15 shipped! Thanks, Ken

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