Join the American Single Shot Rifle Association

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Join the American Single Shot Rifle Association

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Join The American Single Shot Rifle Association!

Maximize Your Classic Rifle Shooting Fun

Here's What You'll Get:
You will receive the Single Shot Rifle Journal as a benefit of membership.. Not sold by subscription or on news stands, it is the nation's most recognized and authoritative publication devoted to classic firearms, their accoutrements, ammunition, related products and services. Articles on old and modern single shot rifles, gunsmithing single shot rifles, and match results This issue contains articles on Martinis, slug guns, trigger conversions, gun shows and socializing, The journal is published every other month.
A free 40-word classified ad in the Single Shot Rifle Journal for any new or renewed membership.
Access to the American Single Shot Rifle Association Archives; a world-renowned repository of shooting history.
Automatic eligibility to compete in ASSRA regional, national and postal matches... including both smokeless and black powder events. Matches include bench rest, offhand and cross-stick as well as our long range Affiliates.
.To apply by mail just print this page
Address/PO Box________________________________________
City_________________________________ State________ ZIP__________
Phone (optional) (______) ________ -_______________
Membership Terms (check one):
1 year 2 years 3 years
U.S. _____$35 _____$65 _____$95
Foreign _____$50 _____$95 _____$140
Mail to:
Keith Foster, Membership Administrator
15770 Rd. 1037
Oakwood, OH 45873
NOTE: Foreign memberships must be paid in U. S. funds. And if paid by check, through checks written against U. S. banks.