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Star Lubrisizer w/sizing dies,other related goodies F/S

PostedCOLON Thu Dec 20, 2007 4:46 pm
by Madcaster
I have a Star sizer with 5 sizing dies-a .309",a .427",a .429",a .451" and a .379" and some top punches for $285.00 shipped.
A Tasco 3X20 Pistol Scope with a B-Square mount and Rings(all blued) for a T/C Contender for $75.00 shipped
A .30 caliber sporter profile rifle barrel with a breech diameter of 7/8"ths and muzzle diameter of 1/2" and 24 and 5/8"ths long for $65.00 shipped-I do not know who made this barrel,but is is CUT RIFLED.Not threaded for any action whatsoever.
A complete Remington Model 3200 trigger for $45.00 shipped
Some of my duplicate Lyman or RCBS sizing dies I have for sale or trade are .224“ and .431" for $15.00 each shipped.
Will consider trades on gun stuff-sidehammer muzzleloaders and parts,etc. and what have you...

Things I need-Remington .45/70 brass,new preferred
Lyman or RCBS .377" and .379" sizing dies.
Thank you,