WTS: Rifle/Pistol/Knife/Components (AK)

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WTS: Rifle/Pistol/Knife/Components (AK)

Post by jgraham1 » Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:45 pm

Rifle for sale:

Project rifle with customized P17 Enfield action converted to .458 Lott. Douglas Premium barrel, 23” long, with rib for NECG sight, sling barrel band and NECG banded front sight ramp. Modified bolt handle with Dayton Traister adjustable trigger and cock on opening kit. The bolt release has been modified and there is a Pachmayr Decelerator 1” black Old English recoil pad installed. Custom metal grip cap, cheekpiece and ebony tip on very nice walnut stock. Has a NECG one blade rear sight and extra Enfield parts. Also included are RCBS dies and C&H Research Mercury Recoil Suppressor device with 130 new Hornady brass and 60 once fired Hornady brass. The cock-on-opening kit and trigger need to be installed. The stock still needs to be glassed bedded and sanded and finished. This is a project gun and not a finished rifle however, the work to be done is rather simple. The accessories are worth several hundred dollars alone. All for $850.00, this includes the shipping.


Handgun for sale:

SOLD S&W 629 .44 Mag with 4 inch pinned barrel and recessed cylinder in excellent condition. Comes with Pachmayr Presentation Grip, Hogue Monogrip, Sidekick shoulder holster, Bianchi 4B hip holster, and Kolpin soft case. All for $725.00, this includes shipping.


Knife for sale:

SOLD Randall #1 Fighting Knife, stainless blade, with original shipping box and paperwork, old style sheath and stone, original instructions for sharpening and care of the knife and the book The Fighting Knife by Randall and Applegate. Built in 1979 with original owners name on the blade (done by the factory). Never sharpened or used so it is in excellent condition. Wait time is for new knives is currently 58 months. All for $450.00, this includes shipping.


Components for sale:

SOLD New Winchester-Western .45-70 rifle brass (200+) at $.50 each.
SOLD Once fired and cleaned Winchester-Western, Remington-Peters or Federal .45-70 rifle brass (200+) at $.25 each.
New Federal .338 WM rifle brass (200) at $.50 each.
SOLD Speer .338 caliber 275 gr. Hot-Cor Semi-Spitzer rifle bullets (eight 50 round boxes) at $15.00 each.
Speer .338 Caliber 250 gr. Grand Slam rifle bullets (one 50 round box) for $40.00.
SOLD Sierra .338 caliber 250 gr. Game King rifle bullets (four 50 round boxes) at $20.00 each.
Hornady .338 caliber 250 gr. Round Nose rifle bullets (one 100 round box) at $35.00.
Hornady .45 caliber 300 gr. HP/XTP handgun bullets (one 50 round box) at $12.00.
Purchases of over 200 brass or bullets is free shipping.

Have more photos of each. Email me for more photos or questions. Thanks for looking.

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