SPF 45 Caliber Badger Barrel SPF

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SPF 45 Caliber Badger Barrel SPF

Post by jgraham1 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:42 pm


I have for sale a Badger Barrel 45 caliber that is 34 inches with a #4 Winchester profile, full octagon with a 1x18 twist. The barrel is 1.12 inches across at the receiver and 1.05 inches across at the muzzle. Lands and grooves are .450/.458. The stubs on the end of the barrel have been removed. The dark spots are not rust, it is shadows from the window frame when taking the pic. Since Ernie Stallman sold the business, it has been very hard to get one of his barrels. There is some very lightly, spotted surface rust but the bore is excellent. The surface rust will be easily removed when you profile/polish the barrels. There is no pitting on the outside of the barrel, but there are the usual tool marks. It will easily clean up when you profile/polish the barrel. $325 shipped.

I accept USPS Money Orders and personal checks. (No PayPal) Contact me with any questions.



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