38-55 PJ Bullet Mould

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38-55 PJ Bullet Mould

Post by Holdinsteady » Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:07 am

Any of you folks have any experience with either the 300gr Chicken or the 275 gr Flat Nose bullets from PJ moulds in the 38-55? I'm currently shooting a RCBS 312 bullet that casts out to 321gr. in 20-1 alloy. I would like to try a lighter bullet as most of my shooting with the 38-55 is 300yds or less. The rifle is a CSA 1885 hiwall with a Badger bbl and 1-15 twist. I have a couple of the PJ moulds in 44 and 45 cal. so I am familiar with the quality of these moulds.
Today was fun, tomorrow looks even better!!!!

Browning TH 1885 45/70
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C Sharps 1885 38/55
C Sharps 1874 44/90
C-Sharps 1874 45/70 Boss II
Shiloh #1 1874 45/70