Reloading screw up

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Reloading screw up

Post by TexasMac » Fri Aug 28, 2020 7:00 pm

I was in the middle of swaging out peened case lips using a Lyman neck sizing die and a pin gauge. It’s a good technique which you can read about at ... _Edge.html. About half way through 200 cases everything was going smooth until the necks came out of the die with lots of scratches. Although the cases were clean, they were stored in a cartridge box with the necks down. I forgot to wipe each one to eliminate any grit on the necks prior to inserting in the die. Apparently one picked up some grit which embedded in the die. After polishing out the die with 1200 grit emery and finishing with jeweler’s rouge I was back in business. So be sure to wipe those cases prior to resizing.

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