Comments on some tumbler cleaning solutions

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Comments on some tumbler cleaning solutions

Post by TexasMac » Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:30 pm

I’ve experimented a good bit with various cleaning methods & solutions. The methods are discussed in an article I posted some time ago ( ... _Pins.html). More recently I’ve tried some cleaning solution with ceramic media in a Thumlers Tumbler Model B with the general results noted below.

Lemi Shine powder dishwashing detergent booster - Found at grocery stores, Walmart,, etc. $5 to $6 for a 12 oz bottle.
I tried it with & without a squirt of Dawn detergent. When comparing the results with other solution it did not work very well with or without the Dawn. I don’t remember the Lemi Shine to water amounts but I tried a few different concentrations.

Strat-O-Sheen powder burnishing solution – 5 lbs available from ... bs/3390175 for $26.25 + 12.45 shipping. Figuring 3 oz per tumbler comes out to 27 cleanings at $1.43/cleaning.
I used 3 oz to 1 gal of water and tried it with & without a squirt of Dawn detergent. It worked OK without the Dawn, but with a squirt of Dawn it worked great. The cases were cleaned fast & they came out very clean and shinny, including the primer pockets.

Dave Maurer’s Shooter 2 liquid cleaning/polishing compound – Available from Shiloh Sharps ( ... mic-media/) or directly from Dave Maurer (517-669-9801), About a year ago I purchased two 1-quart bottles from Dave for $30 + $12.65 shipping. Shiloh’s price for 2 quarts is $34.00 + $17.16 shipping. Figuring 1/2 oz per tumbler comes out to a little over $0.33/cleaning
Works great using 1 teaspoon (1/2 oz) of the concentrated solution per tumbler. I’d rate it almost as effective as the Strat-O-Sheen/Dawn & is a little easier to use.

Scrubbing Bubbles liquid bathroom cleaner – Found at grocery stores, Walmart,, etc. $4 to $6 for a 32 oz bottle.
I have not tried it but read reports from others that it works great when using 1 oz or so in a tumbler.

I have about 4 lbs of Strat-O-Sheen remaining and almost two full bottles of Dave Maurer’s cleaner, so I probably won’t be experimenting with anything else until running out of these. Based on the per cleaning price I do not plan on buying any more Strat-O-Sheen & will most likely stick to using Dave Maurer’s solution. But I may pick up a bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles to see if it works as well as Dave’s solution. Although price is not the major decision factor, it would be the cheapest solution if it works as well.

No doubt there are other differing opinions and other solutions.

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