Using Tim Smith-Lyon’s case stretcher with Lyman die

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Using Tim Smith-Lyon’s case stretcher with Lyman die

Post by TexasMac » Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:19 pm

No doubt some of you have considered using Tim Smith-Lyon’s inexpensive case stretcher but don’t have an RCBS resizing die. Tim designed the stretcher to fit the 1/4-28 decapping stem thread pitch of the RCBS die. So, what are you options if you’d rather not purchase a RCBS die or one is not available for the cartridge you shoot (.40-65 Win. is a good example). If you use Lyman dies there is a relatively simple solution. Lyman’s design utilizes a decapping rod adapter to hold the decapping rod. It can be modified to accept 1/4-28 threads, which is a straight-forward process if you are a machinist or have experience accurately drilling and tapping holes with a drill press. The adapter is made from mild steel and can be easily drilled and tapped using a #3 drill and 1/4-28 tap. But I don’t recommend using a hand drill and hand-tapping the hole since the stretcher much be centered and held in proper alignment during the stretching process. Rather than modify the decapping rod adapter from your existing Lyman die set, purchase a couple of Lyman replacement adapters directly from Lyman. Order part # 7126001. Get two in case you mess up one. The price at the time of this writing was $2.00 each and shipping was $4.00.

By the way, I highly recommend Tim’s stretcher. It takes a little getting used to but does a fine job. It will stretch brass up to 0.025”. Two versions of the stretcher are available for .40 caliber and .45 caliber brass, and can be purchased from Buffalo Arms ( or directly from Tim ( ... ng_040.htm). Tim can also be reached by email at or by phone at 601-885-9223 M-F 9-5CST. For an instructional video of Tim using the stretcher go to The current price is $39.95 plus shipping.

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