45/70/90 casting formula as to lead ratio

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45/70/90 casting formula as to lead ratio

Post by aces and eights » Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:37 pm

Lead ratios. What do you use and why?

We have used many different ratios of lead density. We have used 30/1; 20/1: 15/1; and 11/1 in the Postel and the "money bullet."

Shot through a custom shop Remington with "the best barrel" my gunsmith has seen in 20 years: a Shiloh with "great smoothness" and no leading: an Uberti Quigley that needed fire lapping and still is average or less: and a 1904 Remington that is showing its age and is pitted. [And a Ballard that is on order :x :x ]

After many 100s of rounds we seem to find the 15/1 works well and no leading. My buddy casts 11 or 12/1 with the Paul Jones Postel and money bullet moulds. He uses these - and equals my Sagebrush 15/1s. I do not see a difference between the Sagebrush 15s and 20s. We see no use for the 30s(?).

So, we know nothing. :? :? :? I am certain there are some possibly strong opinions here and would love to hear extended experience and reasoning. :o

We run about 1286 fps in our different loads. He duplexes’ and I use straight Swiss.

Yes, every gun is different :shock: but some base level probably exists. :wink:
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