"Fouling" shots: what does it mean? Bore wiping?

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Re: "Fouling" shots: what does it mean? Bore wiping?

Post by CrashCorrigan » Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:42 pm

I just had my first session with my new rifle. This is a 50-90 Sharps made by Winchester. With a 695 gr Creedmoor boolit cast of 40-1 alloy on a BACO mold and pan lubed over 102 GR of Swiss 1 1/2 veggie .060 Wad and slightly compressed with a Federal 210 primer I lucked out and ran 30 consecutive shots on a metal gong at 100 yds.

Blow tube 8 breaths between all shots and from 1st to 30th shots all hit in a 2 1/2inch group on the gong. The rifle shoots very well however I need to buy a recoil shield as my shoulder is really sore. This shooting was done over the hood of my F 150 with a front rest only however my elbows were on the hood for a rear rest. Gotta love those Kelly Soule Sights.

This was one of those Browning imported made in Japan LTD Creedmoor rifles with a 30" Badger tube. The lube did it's job as I had a perfect lube star at the crown when I cleaned up the rifle at home later.
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