45-70 Duplex with 405 Lyman

This is the place to discuss your duplex and smokeless loads for your black powder guns. All SAFETY concerns must be addressed, and high pressure loads are NOT to be promoted here.
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45-70 Duplex with 405 Lyman

Post by longbow » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:44 pm

Heres a load that works in two different guns. My Shiloh 3 Band Military, A GREAT hunting rifle, and a Rem. Rolling Block with GM Barrel. Both guns 5 shots under 2" @ 100 yds. Rem case, 55 gr. Goex 2F, 5 gr. 4227, .060 poly wad,Both Fed 210 or Rem lg pistol primers and the 405 Lyman with slight taper crimp at top band, no lube showing. The bullets will twist in the case but cant be pulled out. Started off with with three loads all with 5 gr. 4227 to keep it simple. 50,55,60. the 55 did the best using at first fiber wads. Then tried 53,55,57. the 55 still did the best, so 54,55,56. these were all real close, so put in a poly wad to see the difference and the groups really tightened up and 55 just seemed to be it. Good conditions 6 shots for each counting the fouler. Hope this might help someone looking for A good hunting load. Pete

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Post by zrifleman » Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:13 am

My favorite load is 500 gr bullet using 6 grs of IMR 3031 and 63 grs of Goex 1 FG---WW brass---RP 9 1/2 primer. Same volume with Goex Cartridge and a 405 Lyman GG bullet is a close second.