BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Brown Signs Lead Ammo Ban

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BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Brown Signs Lead Ammo Ban

Post by TexasMac » Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:54 pm

The following is from the National Shooting Sports Foundation:

BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Brown Signs Lead Ammo Ban; Vetoes Bill to Outlaw Rifles with Detachable Magazines

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law AB 711, a statewide ban on the use of traditional ammunition in hunting, the first such ban in the nation, NSSF has just learned. NSSF and a coalition of hunting, sportsmen, gun-owners, labor and some law enforcement officials had urged him to veto this anti-hunting bill.

At the same time, Brown has vetoed SB 374, a measure that would have classified any semiautomatic center-fire rifle that does not have a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept 10 rounds of ammunition or less as an assault weapon. This bill would have required that all such firearms be registered with the state and make their future sale illegal. He also vetoed AB 180 that would have allowed the City of Oakland to enact its own ordinance regarding firearms that would be even more restrictive than state law.

“We are greatly disappointed that Gov. Brown decided to sign AB 711, which as we view things today will effectively end or greatly curtail hunting in California, given the restrictions on the use of non-traditional ammunition.” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “We will have more to say on this important issue, but it is mind boggling that the governor would shut down this American tradition and actually imperil the substantial conservation funding that is provided to California through the federal excise tax on ammunition.”

Keane continued: “We are pleased that Gov. Brown vetoed SB 374 and AB 180, however, as these proposed restrictions on law-abiding Californians would have done nothing to make the state safer.”

Brown also signed AB 48 that bans magazine conversion kits.
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Re: BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Brown Signs Lead Ammo Ban

Post by YosemiteSam » Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:18 am

He did change it a bit before signing it.

1. he allowed that if the feds determine that non-lead options are armour piercing and illegal, then the ban will not go into effect.
2. he postponed the ban til 2019 so as to give hunters and manuf. a chance to tool up and prepare.

still sucks.

I wonder if these changes to the law effects the condor lead ban of 2008? Be good to know.