Selling & Shipping to California Customers

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Selling & Shipping to California Customers

Post by TexasMac » Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:28 pm

Many of you know that I have written and published a book on the Browning Black Powder Cartridge Rifles and, as a FFL dealer; I buy and sell new and used Browning and Winchester BPCRs. 99.9% of my book and firearm sales are over the Internet and I sell firearms to California customers without charging an additional fee. As a part of the firearms community and especially as a firearms dealer, one of the things I find irritating and frustrating is the refusal by many individuals and especially firearm dealers to do business with potential California customers or charge an extra fee for doing so.

Online or Internet-based firearms sales is a growing and key part of the firearms industry, and sellers should feel an obligation to sell legal firearms to anyone in any state in the USA without discrimination. In refusing to ship firearms to California or charging extra fees, we’re doing a disservice not only to Californians, but to the firearms industry as a whole. Every time you refuse to sell or ship a firearm to a California dealer for transfer to a local customer, you’re helping to erode their and our 2nd Amendment rights. Think about it, many of you, hopefully the majority of you, give funds to the NRA and other organizations to help defend our 2nd Amendment rights, then you turn around and do exactly what the liberal California politicians want you to do.

The argument that it takes an additional and substantial amount of time and effort to sell to California customers is BS. As a non-licensed individual, there are no special requirements. Of course you must ship the firearm to a FFL holder in California, but the same requirement applies to any interstate firearm shipment. FFL dealers are required to enroll in the California Firearms Licensee Check (CFLC) Program, which is easy and fast. Subsequently, it takes less than a minute online to obtain a Firearms Shipment Approval number from the California Dept. of Justice (CADOJ) Bureau of Firearms prior to shipping a firearm to a California FFL.

I posted similar comments on this subject some time ago, but wanted to pass along an email I recently received from a California customer. His email reads,”Thank you for the editorial type of entry you made about dealers refusing to sell guns to Californians. I can't tell you how frustrating it is that you can't even bid on something because of the misfortune of living in this state, and those dealers are doing exactly what the politicians wanted them to do, prevent people from buying legal guns. Even though I have a C & R license, dealers have refused to sell me their guns and instead I have seen those guns going round and around for months on the different web sites.”

So guys, regardless of what you think about the liberal California government, give Californians a break and do your part to support the firearms community by welcoming the opportunity to sell to our friends in California and any other state in the USA. For more details on selling and shipping to California, go to the following website:

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Re: Selling & Shipping to California Customers

Post by rockridge » Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:28 pm


Well put!

I try to educate those indivuals & dealers who won't do business with California customers. As you stated, it is both quick and painless for a dealer to enroll in the CFLC system. Individuals can ship to California FFLs with no problem. (This is assuming that the guns in question are "legal" in California in the first place. That's an argument for another time and place).

If a dealer isn't willing to expend 5 minutes of time to fulfill the requirement of the CFLC initially, or still wants to charge extra for this FREE piece of paper, then I won't do business with them either! It is, of course, entirely their choice to willfully ignore 36 MILLION potential customers!