Malcolm 32" scope mounts

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Malcolm 32" scope mounts

Post by Rantheman » Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:26 pm

Started shooting 45/70 with a buffalo classic three or four years ago, all I could afford to buy , and it is pretty good rifle. Got a set of vernier sights from track of the wolf and mounted on stock and have been hitting out to 500 but really big groups! Last couple of years I had the cataract surgery and couple months ago got glasses to augment and sighting is some better. Six months ago I found a deal on a sharps replica and the vernier sights on it were much better, but with these 72 yoa eyes only so much can be done. Got it into my head to get a Malcolm scope, because I thought would tighten groups, but mainly because if looks cool! Mounted it the buffalo classic because I am shooting sharps better than the BC and wanted to see if it helped before I put it on sharps. Read all the reviews and negative comments, did it anyway and, lo! And behold ! Those guys are right. Windage stays zeroed but recoil changes elevation, every shot. No way can it be returned to zero. Scope bumps up every time. Thinking about ordering the fine tuning attachment. Anybody know if that will keep it zeroed ? Also, with the special base required for the BC, impossible to use at less than 300. Would the higher front mount help? Short of getting the unertl type mounts( which cost more than the scope) is there any way to stop it from getting out of zero? Not going to put it on sharps if I have to spend another $500.
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