MVA midrange at 1000?

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Re: MVA midrange at 1000?

Post by westerner » Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:23 pm

My front sight is similar to the 111 low profile globe. Might be an earlier version since the rifle was made in 1984.

Rifle is chambered and ready to go. Planning on buying a MR MVA. If it won't reach 1000, can always use the LR sight.

Now to find 1000 yards for practice. Have a place but a real pain to set targets. On the other side of a canyon. Finding bullets strikes will be the toughest part due to brush.

Have three bullets to try, Saeco creedmoor, 530gr? Ron Long spitzer 540gr, and a truncated cone style bore rider at 520gr. Used to use the RL spitzer in a Brchardt LR rifle at ten pounds weight. Fire a shot, put my glasses back on straight, wipe the boogers off and have at it again. Oh to be thirty again.