Uberti 38/55 highwall

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Uberti 38/55 highwall

Post by bowfish » Wed May 22, 2013 12:02 pm

Hello I just got in a trade deal a uberti 38/55 highwall it has the long chamber a 1:18 twist and slugs right at .379.I was wondering what bullet you guys have tried in this will use it at a local club in silhouette matches at 100,200 and 300yards. Would like a bullet in the 275-300+ range if possible.I know the twist rate is not the best for that weight but I have other bpcr rifles that should not stablize a heavy bullet but they do very well.Will shoot smokeless and BP in this at diffrent times what loads do yours like. Thanks for any help you gents can offer also looking for a mold and rcbs cowboy dies if you have one to part with.
Thanks bowfish

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Re: Uberti 38/55 highwall

Post by rbertalotto » Wed May 22, 2013 12:36 pm

A few months ago I became a 38-55 "junkie" once I discovered JBS reboring. www.35caliber.com/

Sent him a rifle in 30-30 or 32cal with a check for $225 and he'll rebore, chamber and rifle in 38-55 and send it back, postage included. I've sent him a 1978 vintage Model 94, 1889 Marlin and a 1893 Marlin. I also bought a Uberti High-Wall, Lyman Ideal Mini Sharps , Winchester (Japan) 94 Sporter and a barrel for my Thompson Contender. All of these firearms shoot amazingly well!

My GOTO powders have been Unique or Black Powder

I'm casting three different bullets, depending on bore size and twist. The rebores are all at .375. But the Lyman is .379 and the rest of them like .378 bullets.

The molds I'm using are:

Lyman 378-674 / 330g Drops at .379 with 20-1 Alloy
Lyman 375-449 / 264g Drops at .378 with 20-1 Alloy
Lyman 375-248 / 250g Drops at .378 with 20-1 Alloy

The Lyman rifle is amazingly accurate, but the bore is very proud and the rifling slow and very shallow. I needed to "Beagle" the 250g mold to get the bullets up to .3795 and then I size and lube to .379. Any smaller or heavier bullet and they tumble badly.

The Uberti will not stabilize the 330g bullets. But it shoots the 264 and 250 into little tiny bug holes with 9-10g of Unique.

The rebores are all three grove. I have no idea of the twist, but they shoot everything well.

The most accurate rifle is the Winchester 94 Modern Production sporter with the 330g bullets. Out to 300yds they are shooting under 2 minutes with Lee Shaver tang sights.

Hope this all helps!