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Need help with 38-55 project

PostedCOLON Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:56 am
by loophole
I would appreciate the benefit of y'all's experience.
I want too rebarrel a B-78 Browning to 38-55. I'm an "advanced plinker"--I may hunt deer with the rifle, and I'll use it for informal target shooting with cast bullets and black powder. I expect to use 264-300 gr bullets, and I want to seat them with only 2 or 3 lube grooves in the case
I want a "Sharps" taper octogon barrel, about 1.2" at the breech, then .95"
across the flats, tapering to .85" at the muzzle. 28" long.
I can get a Green Mountain barrel about the size I want; 1-14 twist and .375 groove dia.
Or a Wind River barrel 1-18 twist with a .377 groove dia.
Folks tell me that Badger has stopped shipping BPCR barrels--they don't answer the phone or return calls.
What barrel would y'all recommend?
If the gunsmith uses a reamer for a levergun, will it cut enough throat to allow bullets to be seated out?
Any thoughts or suggestions will be welcome.
Steve K