bptr creedmoor scope suggestions

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bptr creedmoor scope suggestions

Post by critter68 » Tue Mar 10, 2020 6:09 am

I have a 45/90 that I am setting up solely for long range target up to 1000yds shooting. I will not be shooting silhouettes with this gun or any short range other than with load development. I have irons all set. I want to scope the gun as well. Interested in opinions on what I should buy ie scope, mounts, reticle, power. thanks in advance for your opinions. I have not found any past shoot equipment lists to help so I thought I would reach out.

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Re: bptr creedmoor scope suggestions

Post by Brent » Tue Mar 10, 2020 6:53 am

I don't shoot a scope at long range, but I would start with looking at the new MVA scopes that are 8 and 10x. And then I would call them and discuss what sorts of blocks you will need to reach 1000 yds. Unfortunately, I do not believe that the new scopes are on their webpage yet, although they have been around for a year or two.
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Re: bptr creedmoor scope suggestions

Post by Grizz61 » Tue Mar 10, 2020 12:14 pm

The "New" Scope is the "The New “A” Scope" catchy name. I have two in 10X same thing as the series 2002, 23 inches scope.


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Re: bptr creedmoor scope suggestions

Post by 38-72 » Thu Mar 12, 2020 10:58 pm

For several years now, I have used a 28-inch MVA in 6 power scope on my 45-90 (34” barrel) for 1000 yard matches.

I found that, if I want to shoot anything past 800 yards, the angle of the scope to the barrel is such that the front sight will block the view thru the scope. I tried raising the scope, via taller blocks, but doing so requires a corresponding rise of the shooters head rise off the comb, (hard to get a good cheek weld). So, the front sight has been retired to my shooters box for the time being. The rifle looks odd without the front sight, but it still shoots good.

As sighting, the scope work well for me. Be sure to watch out for backlash in the adjustment nobs. If you use bi-focal glasses, reading the windage scale under the MVA rear mount is dam near impossible to read while shooting prone. I opted to put the larger MVA windage nobs my scope. Just remember to keep the little attachment screw tight. If the that little screw comes lose, the nob will turn, but scope setting do not change.

As for mill dots or not, the dots sort of disappear when held on the black of the target’s bullseye. I hold the scope so the vertical lines are at 12 and 6, and horizonal lines at 3 and 9, around the bullseye. They show up well on the white target areas.

If you have a hard to seat round, and use a cartridge seater, most likely the scope will get the way of its use, unless it designed so it works on the down stroke and the handle is bent off the one side.