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Re: DZ or MVA Scope

Post by Kurt » Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:17 pm


Here is what I was talking about the rear mount bushing the tube slides in. The top photo is the way the bushing should be when the locking cam is tight. The bottom photo is when the bushing is not flush with the mount and the impact will be off if the cam is tight with the bushing off this much.

Since this thread started I got the B-5 scope with the #2 mounts and I also got a couple extra riser blocks, 30 MOA, 40 Moa and 50moa incase I want to shoot longer then 500 mtrs.
The reason I got the B-5 is for a wider field of view shooting the 200 mtr chickens. I blame the 8X DZ scope for hitting chickens out of turn because for the narrow field of view :) I opted on the center mill dot in this scope because the fine cross hairs the 28" MVA scope has is getting hard for me to see. It is a lot finer then the DZ scope. I like all three scopes but I don't get along to well with the creedmoor mount on the 28" scope.

ImageIMG_3132 by Kurt, on Flickr
ImageIMG_3133 by Kurt, on Flickr

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Re: DZ or MVA Scope

Post by gunlaker » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:34 am

I don't like the looks of the new MVA mounts that JK posted on the Shiloh forum. Those rear mounts are super tall and will only keep your cheek way off the comb.

Of all of my scopes, the one I like most, by far, is the 23" MVA with DZ mounts. I can use the scope from 200 yards to 1000 with no block changing, the mounts are super readable, and the MVA centerless mildot is superior to the DZ cross hairs.


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Re: DZ or MVA Scope

Post by Kurt » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:56 am

Chris I agree with you on the front MVA adjustable mount.

I have a bunch of unertl blocks and when I mounted the B-5 scope on my new .40-65 rifle I want to use for silhouettes and maybe for some long range from time to time I went through my collection of base blocks till I worked out the combination were the elevation knob is all the way down to reach 200 yards. I seldom shoot less then 200 yards but the #2 MVA mount will go down a little lower then the zero base line but I have not checked it to see just how low it will print. The way I have it now my zero for 200 yards is 1-1/2 moa below the base line. Perfect for my use.
I have not worked out how much elevation I can get before the scope tops out. I might put a tall cardboard up at 200 some day and measure the hole spacing to get the exact amount of moa I can get. But I think the barrel shadow with this short scope will limit the extended range I can use it for.

I sure like the little B-5 with the bright clarity it has and wide field of view but I am a little concerned about having the mill center dot covering to much down range but I can see it through my heavy floater I look through. I cant see the cross hair during a dark overcast day with the 3000 scope.
Also the B-5 gives me a little concern with the groove instead of the raised Pope under rib. It looks like the pin that rides in the groove could get to be a dust collector and affect the elevation by clogging during a windy dust blowing match that will make the pin getting stuck. This might be a none issue.....time of use will tell...Kurt

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Re: DZ or MVA Scope

Post by JIMOFATL » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:17 pm


In reality, the rear block is tall, but with the usual added cheek piece, we use with our scopes, it is not a problem. The advantage is your hold and sight picture will be comparatively the same at each range. That to me is an advantage. FWIW.............

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Re: DZ or MVA Scope

Post by Kurt » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:25 pm

The extra height of the bases is a plus for clearing the sharps large hammer

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Re: DZ or MVA Scope

Post by SgtDog0311 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:32 pm

just getting back to this. Didn't realize it had some more pictures added. Thanks Kurt!

Got a DZ finally. If I add one later I suppose I might go with the 23 inch MVA with the #2 mounts recommended here for the 22 and keep the DZ on the 45-70.