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Arizona Schuetzenfest

PostedCOLON Mon Oct 29, 2007 12:50 pm
by Crash Landing
With the onset of seasonal hemispherical cooling, come out to sunny Arizona and enjoy our great shooting weather.
Arizona Schuetzenverion, 34th Annual Schuetzenfest
Nov 23-25, 2007. Ben Avery Shooting Facility, Bench Rest Range
About 30 miles north of Phoenix, AZ, exit I-17 at Carefree Hwy, head west about 1/4 mile to main range entrance
In addition to our regular card of schuetzen matches, we have events for 38 cal and over, black powder only
- 20 shots offhand at 200 yards on the ASSRA German Ring target
- 20 shot bench rest at 200 yards on the ASSRA German Ring target
Both BP matches are re-entry.
Regular centerfire matches (smokeless or black) include 100 shot offhand, 100 shot bench rest at 200 yards plus 22RF, 50 shots offhand and 50 shots bench rest at 100 yards.
All are welcome to come see what schuetzen is all about an join in the friendly competition.
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