Capitan, New Mexico - Spring 2007 NRA BPTR Creedmoor matches

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Capitan, New Mexico - Spring 2007 NRA BPTR Creedmoor matches

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Capitan High Power Shooting Club

Spring 2007

NRA Black Powder Target Rifle - Long Range Program


4/21/2007 – Organized LR practice and sight-in, open to all shooters and any rifle.

5/5/2007 – NRA Approved 30 shot Creedmoor Match

6/2/2007 – NRA Approved 30 shot Creedmoor Match

7/7/2007 – NRA Approved 30 shot Creedmoor Match


Current NRA Black Powder Target Rifle rules apply with exceptions as noted

NRA membership is not required for "Approved" matches, but strongly

Range Rules on Rifles and Equipment

As a safety consideration, all loads must meet the following minimum bullet weight,
barrel twist, and muzzle velocity requirements.

50 cal 575 grains 24 1150 fps
45 cal 500 grains 20 1200 fps
44 cal 475 grains 18 1200 fps
40 cal 400 grains 16 1250 fps
38 cal 325 grains 14 1300 fps

Black powder only, no Pyrodex, BP substitutes, smokeless, or duplex loads allowed.

Course of fire

The course of fire is unlimited sighters and 10 record shots per stage at 800, 900,
and 1000 yards.

Sighters are not convertible. Shooter must notify his scorekeeper that he has
finished with sighters before firing for record.

If pair firing is in effect, paired shooters will be given 3 minutes per record shot plus
5 minutes (i.e. 65 minutes). Paired shooters may fire alternately or separately.

Shooters will provide pit service.


First shot down range at 9:00AM. Registration closes at 8:30 AM the day of the
match. Pre-registration not required, however a "heads up" email or phone call
from those planning to attend would be much appreciated.

Entry Fees and Awards

The practice and sight-in day is free. A chronograph will be available on the range.
These days are open to all shooters and any rifles, BP or otherwise. Think of it as a
Long Range Fun Shoot.

For the Spring Approved Matches the entry fee is $15.00.

Shooters are required to bring a shooting related prize valued at roughly $10.00 or
donate $10 to the prize pool. Shooters will pick prizes from the pool in order of
aggregate score. The club will provide addition prizes for the pool. Everybody
wins something.

Awards will be given for overall winner and class winners. Scores will count toward
NRA BPTR LR classification and will be posted on the Internet.


The Range is located approximately 3.5 miles east of Capitan, NM or 8 miles west of
Lincoln, NM on the north side of US Highway 380. The target and backstop berms
are clearly visible from the highway.

Lodging and Restaurants

Greenhouse Cafe
Tom Histen, a culinary graduate, has had extensive restaurant experience in La
Jolla, Aspen, Beverly Hills and Hillcrest. Located at the 'Hotel Chango' in Capitan,
the hours are Dinner: Wed. thru Sat. 5-9 pm & Sunday Brunch 9-1pm.
Reservations encouraged.
505.354.6025 (Capitan) - Tom & Gail Histen

Hitchin' Post Restaurant
Appetizers, Soups and Salads
Sandwiches, Flame Broiled Burgers
Hwy 380, East End of Capitan. Look for Lunch & Dinner Specials on the Bulletin
Board - 505.354.0878

Smokey Bear Restaurant
Providing only the finest in home-cooked meals for skiers, hunters, and weary
travelers to our area, the Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a
week year round. Located beside the Motel on Hwy 380
Phone: 505-354-2257

Horseman's Grill
321 Smokey Bear Blvd.

Smokey Bear Motel
Single rooms with Queen Bed, Double Rooms with 2 full beds, Modern Bathrooms,
Gas Heat, Refrigerator, Microwave, Cable TV, Ceiling Fans and Daily Maid Service
316 Smokey Bear Blvd., P.O. Box 887, Capitan, NM 88316
Phone:(505) 354-2253, Reservations: (800)766-5392
Web Site:

Mama Bear RV Park
14 W. Smokey Bear Blvd, Capitan NM 88316
Kay & Terry Strickland, Box 362, Capitan NM 88316

Wortley Hotel
Established in 1874
Once managed by Pat Garrett
Highway 380 - Across from the Old Courthouse
Lincoln, New Mexico Territory 88338
(505) 653-4300

Casa de Patron
Bed and Breakfast Inn
P.O. Box 27
Lincoln, New Mexico 88338
(505) 653-4676
Fax: (505) 653-4671

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