Things to see, when we come over.

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Things to see, when we come over.

Post by Singleshot S.A. » Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:07 pm

Hi all, I know this is a little off topic, but hoping you can help.

We are planning a trip over to the U.S. in 2016. Three months, once in a life time trip.
landing at L.A. (early August) heading north through San F to Seattle for a return trip to Alaska, then east to Yellowstone, and on to Buffalo to see the Falls, then down to N.Y. After a week in N.Y. I 'd like to head west for a while to hopefully see the old Remington factory, Lancastor, Gettysburg etc.

Here's where I'm not sure. Can someone tell me exactly where the Rem factory is, and also, are there any Gunsmith tours or Makers I can stop in and see, I'd really like to see a Longrifle being made etc., around the Lancastor area. If not, we are then heading down south, possibly to Miami, but certainly to New Orleans. So any where along that route, weather it be through Kentucky or West Virginia, Carolina or Alabama etc., we are pretty open. Civil war tours and museums we have covered. Also we'd like to do a River boat criuse on the Mississippi, but looking at the pricing, it will only be a short one, possibly an overnighter. Any suggestions.

We are back to California late October, probably Anaheim and surrounding district for a week. any thing gun related there. ?

Thanks for any help, cheers Ian.

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Re: Things to see, when we come over.

Post by DRCook » Thu Nov 19, 2015 8:33 am

When you head down to Florida, you might want to consider stopping in St Augustine. It is the oldest city in the country. The old city is there. You can walk the cobblestone streets. The shops have been converted to craft/gift shops, but if you like history, you need to see it. The original Spanish fort is still there and you can go inside. (contact the Florida park bureau and make sure it will be during your visit). There are some cool old churches to go into to see the architecture.

As far as seeing guns being made, contact the folks at Shiloh about touring their factory. You may have this, but here is the link to the forums:

and the link to them

I would suggest emailing them AND investing in a call. Join the forum and put a post up about Attention Kirk .... and then explain.

If you come through Ohio and want to make a small diversion, there is a muzzle loading shop close to me that actually has a pretty cool FREE small museum of really nice rifles/pistols from back in the day.
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Re: Things to see, when we come over.

Post by Brent » Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:51 am

There are a few cities in New Mexico that would contest that "oldest city" title. I'm trying to think of the one that makes the claim oldest but it's temporarily slipped my memory. Oh yeah, thanks, Google. Pueblo Acoma.
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Re: Things to see, when we come over.

Post by Ohio3Wheels » Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:40 pm

I was in Gettysburg for a wedding severals years back, did the self guided tour of the battle field highly recommend it.

I believe that Remington's original home is in Ilion, NY. Not sure what's left there besides the HQ.

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Re: Things to see, when we come over.

Post by Deadeye Bly » Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:06 am

The original Remington factory is in Ilion. I was there back in the '80's. No factory tours were offered but there was a small museum. I'm not sure what's there now. I doubt if there are any long rifle makers near Lancaster, PA. There is Dixon's muzzle loading shop in Kempton, PA between Allentown and Harrisburg. It's a retail establishment selling guns and parts to build guns. There is a full time long rifle maker, Brian Lamaster near Winchester, VA and that is his full time occupation, making and restoring long rifles. Otherwise you may need to go to Colonial Williamsburg in southeast Virginia. There is a shop there where they build hand made long rifles every day the old way.

You've got a lot planned for 3 months. Enjoy your time here.

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Re: Things to see, when we come over.

Post by Singleshot S.A. » Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:07 am

Great, thanks very much guys.

Yes we are heading out around Harrisburg, and will be in that area for a few days, with no real set plan, so will be able to
have a good look around. The reason I thought Lancastor, is because my long rifle is theoretically based on the Lancastor style.
May get over towards Williamsburg, so that will be handy.
I built this one about 7 years ago, shoots real well. A 65 y.o. lady did the carving for me, she'd never done anything like it before.
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